You know you are in the right line of work when you enjoy your day to day work. This was another fun task. Most of the time I spent on this animation was breaking apart each of the separate layes in adobe illustrator so that I could add the animation within after effects. You would have to watch this video quite a few times in order to see all the animation done in the details.

Technical: There are 3d aspects to the logo, but all the animation was done in 2d. Most of the small accents are simply revealed with a linear or radial wipe. The icon on the left starts with a blue foundation revealed by masks. The building grows through a series of layers scaled and moved up. I recreated the top part of the first tier with a shape layer so we could see the top and keep the illusion of 3d. All the "squiggly lines" were made using a turbulent displacement effect. Another great sound design from "the Human."

Let me know if this helped you!

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