28 10, 2016

Communicate more about your company with a logo animation

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In every organization communication is vital. We need to be able to tell others about what our product, service, or cause is all about. We communicate about what we do with elevator pitches in person. Sometimes we create brochures and business cards. Other times we make power point presentations or videos. A short logo animation can be […]

22 11, 2013

Free Logo Design Publicity

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Calling all logo designers. We had a few different logo design partners of the years, but for one reason or another they have moved on. We would like to be able to recommend 3-5 different logo designers that we are partnered with and trust.

Here is the offer:
1) Show us your stuff.
2) Convince us we can […]

26 03, 2013

Free Logo Animations Contest Coming Soon

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It’s that time again my friends. Spin My Logo is giving away logo animations to three lucky winners at the end of May 2013.

Facebook has changed some legalities for contests due to all the abuse. With that said we are going to have to dig around and test out a new system for running our […]

19 03, 2013


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We have an add on for our logo animations called "character animation." If we don’t add that we are limited in what we can do with the character. This one can’t run and dance around, but we added some subtle movement to bring him to life.

Technical: First the lens flare functions as the "camera flash." […]

19 03, 2013

Everything Connects

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This is one of those logo animations that I am really proud of and can watch over and over again. The client chose our "choice" package which included the graphic designer as well as the sound designer along with our motion artist and creative director (myself). I handed part of the concept over to our […]

19 03, 2013


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I understand why a lot of movies have a "directors cut." In my line of business the client is the boss. Sometimes they grant me creative freedom and lean heavily on the input from my team. Other times not. This animation was somewhat removed from my original vision. I still have a hard time with […]

19 03, 2013

Main Street Startups

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I love this logo. It is simple, elegant, and the colors work great. I have come up with a formula for logo designs and animation. Here it is: Ugly logo = ok logo animation at best. Awesome logo = good logo animation at worst. So it would be pretty difficult to mess this one up. […]

19 03, 2013

Alpine Health

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The shadow in the logo icon gave inspiration for how this animation unfolded.

Technical: Within illustrator I broke the icon down into separate triangular shapes. Within after effects I transformed each shape over time. At the same time I added a lens flare rising up behind the icon with a shadow to match changing in the […]

19 03, 2013

Blue Print Effects

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You know you are in the right line of work when you enjoy your day to day work. This was another fun task. Most of the time I spent on this animation was breaking apart each of the separate layes in adobe illustrator so that I could add the animation within after effects. You would […]