In every organization communication is vital. We need to be able to tell others about what our product, service, or cause is all about. We communicate about what we do with elevator pitches in person. Sometimes we create brochures and business cards. Other times we make power point presentations or videos. A short logo animation can be a powerful communication tool. Take a look…


Example 1: HQ Channel

In this example we have insights into the company that are not part of the logo design itself. The insights are that the company is involved with local community and web searching. The “local” aspect is represented visually by the city while the “web searching” is represented by the magnifying glass. In this way a few seconds of animation is doing a lot of the work in communicating about the service. How would you put a price tag on that?

Example 2: Keystone Project

In this example we have an insight into the company that is hidden inside of the logo design. A great logo design is half the battle. Sometimes the design is so good only the designer elites are the only ones appreciating it unless this “insider” information is shared with the rest of us. See “Get Inspired By These 50 Incredibly Clever Logos With Hidden Meanings”

With that said why not show off some of that fine design work in the logo animation? With the keystone project above the hidden meaning is the arrow found in the blank space between “kp.” The animation shows the design hint and viewers will more likely see that arrow in the future and associate it with the brand.

Logos with potential animation opportunities

I have not seen all the logo animations put out by the following companies, but wouldn’t a short animation showing off these hidden meanings help?


(The logo not only shows a “smile” but the “A to Z” giving insight into the extent of their products)


(The insight here is another hidden arrow. This time it is found inside of the “Ex”)


(They offer “31” flavors and those numbers are hidden in the letters “BR” )