This is one of those logo animations that I am really proud of and can watch over and over again. The client chose our "choice" package which included the graphic designer as well as the sound designer along with our motion artist and creative director (myself). I handed part of the concept over to our designer with the challenge to come up with some type of accent that would go with this animation. She drew up some beautiful images with elegant lines and the leaves. The client and I both loved it, and worked hard to make everything come together. I loved the sound design.

Technical: Some logos can be just 5 layers big. This one was in the hundreds. It took some time to break out the pieces. The biggest challenge was separating the icon above into pieces that would animate well. Essentially I isolated the "highlights" and then the foreground and background to the green "e." I used the original logo globe as a guide and recreated it within after effects using cc sphere, cc grid, trapcode’s 3d stroke, and simple circle shapes with a glow applied to the lines and circles. I blurred the sphere at the beginning as it came into focus. Once it landed I used feathered masks to reveal all the different segments to the green "e." All the leaves had a scale and rotating wiggle expression applied. Initially I built the lines with trapcode’s particular 2, but was having difficulty getting the right tapered edge. I then rebuilt it with 3d stroke and used a mask so the lines could go behind the globe. The "everything" text was animated letter by letter using masks. A final burst of a glow along with a lens flare from optical flares finished up the animation.

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