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How to make a Logo Animation in 6 Steps:

Before you start ask yourself a few questions: Do you have a tool that can edit the logo file? Do you have a tool that can animate the logo? Are you confident you can put together a logo animation at a quality level worth the effort? If so then let’s begin.

1) Brainstorm a concept.

  • Get inspiration. Browse online for ideas. Here is one place to start: 100 logo animations all in one place:
  • Keep it simple. If you are a novice with animation it would be best to come up with an animation concept that is easy to execute.
  • Sketch out some storyboards or a sequence of images showing how the scene may develop.
  • Sometimes it can be helpful to list out aspects of the company (products, services, etc) to brainstorm visual elements and concepts.

2) Plan technical specifications.

  • We would recommend (as of 2017) 1920 x 1080 progressive (1080p) square pixels at 30 frames per second (fps) for most applications.
  • Resolution is the size of the video. Older DVDs are in standard definition (SD). Blu rays are in higher definition (HD). Newer content is being produced in 2k, 4k and more, but these sizes are less standardized.
  • Frames per second is the number of individual pictures per second in the video. Lower frame rates look choppier. Higher frame rates look more smooth. Many films are shown at 24fps. Most television shows in the USA are still at 30fps.
  • If you are not sure what you will need just ask yourself how the animation will be used. Often times that will tell you what the technical specifications should be.

3) Prepare the logo.

  • The vast majority of professional logo designs are done with adobe illustrator.
  • Having a vector version of your logo provides for more flexibility during the animation stage.
  • Break the logo into the pieces you want to animate.

4) Animate the logo.

  • The majority of logo animations currently being done are accomplished with adobe after effects.
  • Follow your rough storyboard and/or written concept.
  • Bring life to the pieces of the logo.

5) Add music and sound effects.

  • Compose and record a track yourself.
  • Or hire a freelance sound designer.
  • Or take an easier route and get a royalty free track from a stock music site. Here are some places to start: &

6) Render the animation.

  • For those not familiar to the video industry this is converting all the layers, effects, audio, etc in the animation program into a single video file… and that is how to make a logo animation.

Animating logos is what we do. We can create brand animation, bumper animation, or a commercial bumper for youur brand and product. We also offer a lot of add ons to complement your animated logo, that you may not be able to do. If you want help don’t hesitate to reach out.

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