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28 10, 2016

Communicate more about your company with a logo animation

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In every organization communication is vital. We need to be able to tell others about what our product, service, or cause is all about. We communicate about what we do with elevator pitches in person. Sometimes we create brochures and business cards. Other times we make power point presentations or videos. A short logo animation can be […]

29 06, 2015

Our Logo Animation Production Process

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Here is an overview of Spin My Logo’s Logo Animation production process – how we do it.

1) Written Concept: It all starts with a written concept. Our team brainstorms a unique concept that works with the logo and vision provided by the client. If the budget allows we have multiple […]

22 11, 2013

Free Logo Design Publicity

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Calling all logo designers. We had a few different logo design partners of the years, but for one reason or another they have moved on. We would like to be able to recommend 3-5 different logo designers that we are partnered with and trust.

Here is the offer:
1) Show us your stuff.
2) Convince us we can […]