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Logo Animation FAQ2016-12-15T14:54:35-08:00

Got questions about our logo animation packages, technical specs, add ons, the production process, accepted forms of payment, etc.? Below are the answers.

What do I normally get for the final files?2017-01-03T16:57:46-08:00
Upon final approval, we typically send (2) high quality .mov files and (2) low quality preview .mp4 files. We will make one of them native 2K (2048x1080p), and the other full HD (1920x1080p). All of the above is in progressive (P) frames at 30 frames per second (FPS). We can arrange for different files if that is specified in the prep sheet.
What should I do if I have an ugly logo, but I want it animated?2015-01-23T23:25:52-08:00

I have developed a formula for people to understand how this works. Ugly logo = ok logo animation at best. Awesome logo = good logo animation at worst. If I were in your shoes, I would invest the money into a solid logo design even if you don’t have enough money for a logo animation at this point. That is my honest opinion.

Will you negotiate the price of your packages?2015-02-18T23:47:40-08:00

Spin My Logo has become the industry leader because we strive for quality work done by quality artists. We believe these artists deserve to be paid a fair wage for their work. Therefore, we do not negotiate our prices.

What is the difference between the “Choice” and “Hollywood” packages?2016-12-15T12:07:34-08:00

The Choice package can be up to 10 seconds, includes a graphic artist on the team, and is rendered in 2d.  The Hollywood package can be up to 15 seconds, includes a 3d artist on the team, an is wholly rendered in 3d.  You can see examples of each package in our portfolio.

What is the difference between the “Hollywood” and “Fortune 500” packages?2016-12-15T12:07:34-08:00

The Fortune 500 package is the Hollywood package on steroids.  With either package you will end up with one amazing, creative logo animation rendered in 3d.  However, the difference is the starting place and the process.  The Hollywood package begins with 1 written concept that is then developed to finalization.  However, the Fortune 500 package includes 6 written concepts to begin.  We will then have 3 different artists work on 3 different style frames. From these 3 working concepts, you can choose 1 to move forward with towards finalization.  You can see examples of each package in our portfolio.

How many revisions do I get for my package?2015-01-23T23:02:36-08:00

Each package comes with three revisions at each stage of the video production. So for our choice package you would get to see up to 3 revisions on the design stage (style frames). Then 3 revisions for the animation and sound design stage.


How long does the logo animation take to finish?2015-01-23T23:07:40-08:00

Most animations are done within 3-5 business days. Timely feedback is the single greatest factor in reducing the normal turnaround time followed by the complexity of each revision. The higher end packages with the bigger team size working on the animation will make the turnaround time longer (1-3 weeks).

What if I don’t like the logo animation?2016-12-15T12:07:34-08:00

This is a great question. We don’t fix cars that either work or don’t. We make art which is to each person’s taste. We have an extensive portfolio that features most of the work we have done, and do our best to make each logo animation unique and awesome. If for some reason our work isn’t to your satisfaction, the “kill fee” for the project would be 50% of the total cost. That means that we could both walk away from the project at only half the price. If you made a full deposit, we would refund 50%; however, you wouldn’t receive the high quality video files. We think it’s fair to pay someone for the work they did while, at the same time, allowing a way out if the animation isn’t going in the direction you’d hoped.

Can I use the brand animation on my website?2016-12-15T12:07:34-08:00

Our intro animations are made for video use. They are not built in html5 or flash. If you would like to add a video to your website you would need to coordinate with your web developer. It would be helpful to know in advance any video specifications if this is something you would like to do (alpha channel, bit rate, file type, resolution, etc). Some clients use our animations on their websites by using a built in website media player or uploading the logo animation video file to YouTube or Vimeo and using their embed code.

Do I have the legal rights to use this however I want?2015-01-23T23:08:43-08:00

The vast majority of our work is completely custom made. Apart from the special licensing restrictions involved in the use of royalty free music, video clips used in our live action add on, and others you are free to use the animation however you choose. However, we would like to reserve the right to use this in our portfolio.

Can I make changes to the logo animation later?2016-12-15T12:07:34-08:00

We do our best to archive all of our projects unless restricted by copyright or by client request. Apart from “Acts of God” we should have no problem unarchiving and altering your animation down the road.

Do you have some examples of the Classical Animation add on?2016-12-15T12:07:34-08:00

While classical animation is used primarily for characters, sometimes other objects are best animated using this technique as well. You can see some examples of this add on in our portfolio.

What is the difference between the “3d Saver Add On” and a “3d Artist”?2015-01-23T23:12:29-08:00

The 3d saver add on is an option for getting that higher end 3d style without the higher end pricing. The 3d saver add on uses a simple 3d tool (video copilot’s 3d element plug in) that can be used with simple concepts and designs. However, the 3d artist has access to Hollywood high end 3d animation production tools (maya, cinema 4d, etc). The budget is really the only limit in what we can do with a 3d artist.

How does the Live Action add on work?2016-12-15T12:07:34-08:00

This add on opens up some interesting visual opportunities for the animation. We’ll have to acquire the video footage in one of two ways. The first and most expensive option would be to hire a professional cinematographer to shoot the clip. The second option would be to search for a suitable clip through a royalty free video clip library (istockvideo.com, shutterstock.com, pond5.com, videohive.net).

What forms of payment do you accept?2016-12-15T12:07:35-08:00

Currently we accept PayPal, Western Union payments, and checks. Our salesperson would be happy to provide all the information you need to get started including payment instructions.

Will you accept direct bank transfers as payment?2015-01-23T23:52:10-08:00

We do not accept direct bank transfers, direct deposit, or wire transfers (other than Western Union) at this time.