A solid logo design is more important than a logo animation (and I animate logos). Here is why:

  • Here is the formula to remember: Often times a poor logo design will be an okay logo animation at best. Conversely, a great logo design will be an okay logo animation at worst. Take a moment to view this animation and consider where the strength of it lies. The strength, I believe, lies within the beautiful simplicity of a stylized lion’s mane. The job of animating this piece is already halfway done with this foundation. Obviously, an unexperienced motion artist could mess this up, but I think that would be the exception to the rule in the hands of a decent artist.


  • Animating a poor logo design only compounds the problem. Instead of having a poor logo design, now you have a poor logo and a poor animation. If you are serious about investing into your brand don’t skimp on the logo design. Unfortunately, we DO judge a book by its cover. With our ever advancing technological culture this is only going to increase over time.
  • Therefore, invest in an amazing logo design! At Spin My Logo we do not hesitate to recommend a logo design overhaul. Considering we do not have any logo design services (at the moment) you can rest assured that we say that with your best interests in mind. After saying that to dozens of dozens of people over the years perhaps we have lost some work from it? Or maybe that has led some to trust their brands with us over the years.
Want to get started on a logo animation? Let us know: Scott@spinmylogo.com
Daniel K Johnson, Creative Director                                                  
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