Here is an overview of Spin My Logo’s Logo Animation production process – how we do it.

1) Written Concept: It all starts with a written concept. Our team brainstorms a unique concept that works with the logo and vision provided by the client. If the budget allows we have multiple people brainstorming on the concept depending on the package and add ons. At this stage we also make recommendations on the package and add ons that fit the project.

2) Before We Start: Once we have a A) written concept, B) a prep sheet, C) a vector logo, D) and a payment we get started on the animation. The prep sheet allows us to learn some basics about the company and animation (target market, deadline, video specifications, etc), so we make sure we start in the right direction. The vector logo is usually the original design file and allows for the highest quality animation.

3) Version One: Our lower end packages jump straight into the motion graphics and deliver a version one animation. In our higher end packages we start with style frames (v1) which allow us to explore the visuals before we jump into the animation. Style frames are almost like a small storyboard that explores: color, texture, lines, shapes, saturation, etc.

4) Revisions: Once we send the style frames or animation to the client we wait for all the feedback before proceeding with the changes. Sometimes we wait till v2 before adding custom sound design. We continue the process with up to 3 revisions at each stage (i.e. style frames, sound design, animation).

5) Final Delivery: Upon final approval we send over the high quality files with instructions on how they can be used. We typically send (1) high quality file, and (1) low quality file. Once you have the files you can start adding the animation to all the videos you are working on.