I understand why a lot of movies have a "directors cut." In my line of business the client is the boss. Sometimes they grant me creative freedom and lean heavily on the input from my team. Other times not. This animation was somewhat removed from my original vision. I still have a hard time with two different colored lens flares. The client did contribute some great ideas though.

Technical: Using a simple star field effect I add trapcode’s starglow effect on top of it. Using the camera within those stars really shows off the depth in 3d. Originally all the "snakes" on medusas head were in a lot of motion. That was toned down quite a bit. I think I used a "laser" effect that you can connect a line to two separate x,y coordinates. Wiggling the null layers (x,y coordinates) allowed for the subtle movement of the snakes. Next, the lens flare transitioned into the text movement. The text below faded on with a vertical blur and position keyframed. Followed by the lens flare transitioning into the "eye" movement. Lens flares made within video copilot’s optical flares.

Let me know if this helped you!

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